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The 10 Best Things About Consuelo Hernanedez


The Top 10 Best Things About Consuelo This is a picture of Consuelo Lizet Hernandez, who not only works as a small group leader and volunteer at Stage3, the youth ministry which I oversee, but is a close family friend …

The Real Question

navajo nation

A group of teens and adults (and me) on an Action Build last year in Crownpointe, New Mexico. This team worked – along with hundreds of other teenagers – in the hot, July New Mexico sun building houses for the …

Why My Head Is Shaved :: (Also, Racist Beach Towels + Pre-marital Snail Sex)


Why My Head is Shaved The end of this video – which was made as part of our church’s “Worst Case Scenario” sermon series – will explain everything. A Piece of Tieche History As part of our 9-year Anniversary (coming …