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Advance My wife recently went to a Beth Moore conference. My wife loves that woman with a fierceness usually only reserved for her children and coffee drinks. At any rate, the theme of the conference was Advance, and as she …

Black History Month: Reflection 1


It’s February, which is Black History Month. This morning, I encountered this quote from scholar and author Joanne Terrell. It really moved me. I love her perspective on the Cross because it flows from black woman who has experienced abuse …

Fall on Your Knees


Sometime around age 6, when I was in first grade, my levels of disbelief in Santa Claus began slowly creeping upward. More than that, I found the idea of Santa Claus legitimately frightening. It’s a cute story, that Santa lands …

When the Church is the Church

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There is nothing more beautiful than the local church when it’s operating as Jesus designed it to. I work with Eddie, and see him nearly everyday. He’s a great guy. And …

What if God left you a post-it note?


God’s Post-its I came into my office this morning, and found this note on my desk. I’m Not Stupid Now, I know that Jesus didn’t *actually* write that post-it (and whoever it was, please know that it made my WEEK). …

Light in the Darkness


NOTE: The following post is from the script of FCC’s upcoming Christmas Eve services that examines why the Birth of Jesus matters. I know this portion well, because it’s the third act of the service, and it’s the part that …

Thank You God Video

Thank You

Give Thanks The following was a video that was shown in this week’s service, in which I talked about giving thanks to God. Back in our brainstorming sessions, the idea for this video floated out. It came out way better …

Happy Easter


The third part of FCC’s Easter Service this year that I was thrilled to be a part of. This is why Easter is a happy occasion. NOTES: Thanks to John Stalker for the videographer, Christian Luper for scoring the music …

Hume Lake :: High School Wrap-up Video


Highlights from our weekend with high school on Feb. 24-26. Epic. Hume Lake :: High School Wrap-up Video from david tieche on Vimeo.

266 Baptisms. Woot!

I Have Decided

FCC’s videographer John Stalker compiled this video of the January 29th, 2012 baptism service at Family Community Church where 266 people made a decision to be baptized as a way to formally identify themselves as followers of Jesus Christ. Pastor …