An adult is someone who ______

Calvin is loveable – if not entirely self-absorbed. Being more focused on others so you can love and meet their needs is one sign of maturity (and Tigers).

What’s a Grown-up?
One of the things that would make my job a LOT easier would be if people’s chronological maturation automatically translated into emotional and spiritual maturity.

Yeah, it doesn’t.

As a result, a (large) part of my job is to help these kids grow up into mature adults. This past weekend, I asked about 120 high school and junior high students to complete this sentence:

An adult is someone who_________.

The goal was to have a conversation about what maturity looks like. As always, their answers surprised and challenged me (and in a few cases made me laugh).

Which one stands out the most to you?

An adult is someone who…

  • is mature and makes decisions according to what is right no matter how hard it may be.
  • can drink any sort of drink. Also rent things, like cars and roto-tillers.
  • is mature because they’ve learned from their mistakes.
  • recognizes their responsibilities and fulfills them.
  • is able to take responsibility for their own actions, can take care of themselves, confronts problems head on in a mature and respectful way and knows who they are and who they aren’t.
  • can sneak downstairs in the middle of the night just to eat some chocolate frosting out of the fridge without having to worry about getting yelled at by anybody
  • can handle hardship in ways that glorify God and support those around them who need them.
  • is completely responsible for themselves and who has complete freedom, but chooses to do the right things.
  • doesn’t have most things done for them; they do things themselves or for other people.
  • has been through stuff and is better for it now.
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