Ode To Jason…on his 40th Birthday

A Poem for My Friend Jason Fielder
On his 40th Birthday

This a picture of me and my friend Jason. This picture was taken in Crownpoint, New Mexico, where Jason helped lead a team a teens build houses for the Navajo people for a week. Jason is not only a key volunteer for the ministry I lead, and not only a man who I count as a good friend, but a guy who I’ve had a front-row seat for the past five years to see the power of Jesus. God has changed this man into something phenomenal. He’s also freaking old.

Ode To Jason Fielder

This poem is for my good friend Jay,
Who’s now seen four decades go by,
He likes MMA, and snowboarding,
So I’m not sure how this poem’s gonna fly.

Jay’s uniform? A plain white tee.
His work life? Inundated.
But he proves that you don’t need much sleep,
If you’re properly caffeinated.

He works hard to run a business,
Working late to pick up the slack,
And the only man who’s killed more bugs
Was Will Smith in Men in Black.

He loves his son, and is careful to
Raise him honorable and wise
And it’s a special dad to watch that much ballet
But when she looks, Celeste sees pride dad’s eyes.

He deserves three cheers, or at the very least
A song, a shout or a yodel.
Because can any man here truly deal
With Camille when she’s hormonal.

But if I were to go to war,
I’d want Jay by my side,
And if he were a woman,
Well, Jay would be my bride.

So raise a glass to our man, Jay
A hero, a true manly man
But he’ll be changing diapers later this year
So enjoy sleep while you can!

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