There is no other stream…


An excerpt from The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis The birds had ceased singing and there was perfect silence except for one small, persistent sound, which seemed to come from a good distance away. She listened carefully, and felt almost …

The First Time I Met Martin Luther King, Jr…


Dr. King It was one January. I was 24. It was cold outside. Winter. My empty life rattled, like a dryer with a brick in it. Hours before, I had used my key-card to go into my cushy job. That …

An Open Letter to Whoever Messed With the Star Wars Action Figures in my Office


Dear Friends and Colleagues, As many of you know, in my office, I keep a small number of classic Star Wars action figures, both for my children to play with when they visit me and to inspire a general sense …

Six40 Book

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Six40 Disciple Core Material Click here for the downloadable PDF of WestGate’s new Six40 Disciples Core Material.

Protected: It all starts tonight

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Protected: Formal Invite


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Tim Keller’s Sept. 11 Remembrance


SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE AND PEACE FOR 9-11 VICTIMS’ FAMILIES Ground Zero/St Paul’s Chapel Tim Keller Sept 10, 2006 As a minister, of course, I’ve spent countless hours with people who are struggling and wrestling with the biggest question – the …

The Ambulance is Coming


This is me in grade 9 baby… Last week, I had

The Unsinkable Taste of Cheerios + Paralyzing Doubt


The other day, my wife went shopping and brought home Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. I have not eaten these in literally a decade. Perhaps this makes me old, but I clearly remember when these hit the market. I can practically hear …

Belgium: The World Cup and The World’s Worst Genocide


Today, at approximately 1pm PST, Belgium will play the US in the World Cup. The US is an underdog. We’ll likely lose. We already can’t hang with Belgium in the areas of beer, chocolate and waffles. But whatever. I wanted …