Spring Break Day Trip to Beach Cancelled – Moved to Stage3

Beach Trips Rained Out – Moved to Stage3

Dear Stage3,

Because Beach Day isn’t very fun when it’s pouring rain in Santa Cruz, we’ve gone into emergency back-up plan. So we’re having a Day of Games + Food + Fun – at Stage3.

To replicate the beach, we’ll be getting nearly 6,000 pounds of sand delivered by dump truck to Stage3! Okay, we’re totally making that up, but we will have fun by the dump truck full.

Here’s the details:

Details for High School Day
Day: Wednesday, April 11
Start Time: 11am
End time: 5 pm.
Where: Stage3 Building
Cost: $10

Details for Junior High School Day
Day: Friday, April 13
Start Time: 11am
End time: 5 pm.
Where: Stage3 Building
Cost: $10


  • World’s Largest “Draw Something” Team Competition: See who’s fastest and who’s best
  • Epic Co-Ed Dodgeball Tournament: Think you can beat Team Tieche? Bring it.
  • Shout It Out Movie Group Trivia Game: Super fun group movie trivia game.
  • Broom Hockey Tournament: That’s right. Broom Hockey right on-site at the Hockey Pond.
  • Batting Cages Open: Unlimited pitches. All free.
  • Salem Witch Hunt Game:From the creators of ZombieLand, this original Stage3 game will have you wondering who you can trust – and if you’ll make it out alive! I’m just kidding about the alive part. I just wanted it to sound dramatic!


  • Burrito and Taco and Nacho Bar: Chipolte has nothing on us.
  • Fresh grilled chicken and carne asada: Trust a white guy from Ohio to grill carne asada? You should.
  • Unlimited Soda Bar: Drink until your heart’s content. Or fluttering from too much caffeine stimulant
  • Custom-made-to-order Frappuchinos: Starbucks has nothing on us. Except, you know, record profits.
  • Cookies + snacks : What do you need when you’re hanging around all day? Snacky-snacks. And we got tons.
  • Cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes: We had some left-over from Dadequate we froze. Word on the street is that it’s just as delicious once it’s thawed. We’ll see. We’ll see.
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